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REREFLECT is an installation piece made for the one night exhibition Let There Be Light at PVCC in Charlottesville VA on 12.14.2012. The animation in the oil drum was filmed in Paris in September and October of 2012 as part of the Near and Far Project. Using Fowler-Nordheim tunneling, two short video clips of reflected light on the river Seine and on a sidewalk in the rain were brought to Charlottesville. The final image loop was presented in an oil drum to mimic fire, combining light and water.

The original video images that form this animation were made in Paris in memory of Jack Lyle, a mentor of two project backers who asked me to find out more about his teaching in Paris, and about his untimely death there. We are still trying to identify his burial place and confirm the date of his death as 1978 or 1979. Although there is a scholarship in his name, the school in Paris where he taught has refused all communication about him, as have his former colleagues, for reasons unknown. This installation is dedicated to his memory.

Click on the image below to view the Rereflect installation of 12.14.12. Go here to buy Budding by Broke For Free.

Fromage Deux

Since we weren’t able to go into the countryside and see French cheese production first-hand, Abby and I decided to make the most of the tasting angle of our cheese exploration.  We visited the highly recommended Beillevaire shop which has several locations; we went to the one in Belleville just near the Metro stop Jourdain (line 11) and had a great experience.  The shop was busy so we browsed until one of the shopkeepers was able to help us pick out a few goat cheeses to take home.  He was efficient, helpful, and warm.

We came away with a Rouleau de Beaulieu en Archeche from the Rhone Alps, a Rocamadour from the Pyrenees, and a Cazillou Dome which is also from the Pyrenees.   All three were wonderful.  The Cazillou Dome was a fluffy, super creamy cheese, very mild and really all about the texture.  The Rouleau was lemony and bright while the semi-dry Rocamadour was tangy and packs a great punch for such a small cheese.  This shop was a great place to go to try a few new cheeses (goat chevre or otherwise).

For more on the cheeses and cheese makers in different regions of France, use the cheese library on this site to see what region your cheese is from, what season it’s available, and more:

A lot of small producers don’t have their own websites.  This one does!

If you want to visit a farm in France, this seems like a great resource (be warned, it is all in French).  While there are no cheese producers listed in Paris here, you can search for “crèmerie” for a particular town or village you might be visiting elsewhere in France.